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Chuckwagon Dinning in Wyoming

Eating out of a chuckwagon at Fish On Ranch is an experience like no other. As you sit around the campfire, you can smell the aroma of the savory dishes being prepared. The chuckwagon itself is a rustic, vintage-style wagon that has been converted into a mobile kitchen. The cowboy inspired cook uses cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens to create mouthwatering dishes that are sure to satisfy your hunger after a long day of horseback riding and outdoor activities.

The meals served at Fish On Ranch's chuckwagon are inspired by traditional cowboy cuisine. You can expect to indulge in hearty dishes such as barbecued beef, smoked ribs, and grilled chicken. The side dishes are just as satisfying, with options like baked beans, roasted vegetables, and cornbread. The experience is completed by the beautiful scenery surrounding you while you eat. The ranch is nestled in the stunning Centennial Wyoming, where the sky is clear and the stars shine bright at night. The combination of delicious food and breathtaking views makes eating out of a chuckwagon at Fish On Ranch an unforgettable experience.

Can we purchase alcohol on-site?

  • Fish On Ranch does not have a liquor license to sell alcohol, so unfortunately is not included but if you bring it, we can serve it.

  • We also provide provisioning prior to your arrival for $20 per order…we will pick up whatever alcohol you might want from the store for you and put it in your room.

  • You may also bring alcohol yourself.

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